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4 x 300g Mbeya Cooperative, Guatemala
4 x 300g Mbeya Cooperative, Guatemala 4 x 300g Mbeya Cooperative, Guatemala 4 x 300g Mbeya Cooperative, Guatemala

4 x 300g Mbeya Cooperative, Guatemala


Farmer: Cooperative 

Variety: Catuai, Pache-San Ramon, Sarchimor, Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Washed

Country: Cubulco region, Guatemala

Located in central Guatemala, Cubulco is nestled in the moist clay soils and the rainy and unusually cold climate of the Sierra de las Minas and Sierra de Chuacus mountain ranges. In this particular local environment, cherries mature slowly and develop the coffee’s signature notes of milk chocolate, citrus and hazelnut.

Cubulco is part of the department of Baja Verapaz — a region focused on improving living conditions for their largely indigenous Achi ethnic population. Here, coffee producers are incredibly small scale, remaining true to their traditional agricultural practices and still operate their own individual wet mills.

This blend consists primarily of 5 small local farms: Las Anonas, Las Naranjas, La Esperanza, Grano de Oro and Finca las Piedras. Sustainable practices and Direct Trade has created real tangible differences for these farms: Don Ruben Ajualip Gonzalez comes from a long line of coffee farmers, operating the 2.45 hectare Finca Las Naranjas family farm, and with support over the last 12 years has significantly improved his production capabilities and quality. Another, Don Pascual Teletor owns Finca las Anonas. Having returned to his roots in Cubulco from the United States, he now dedicates 1.5 hectares to coffee on his 8.4 hectare plot.

The Cubulco collective has a true focus on quality control. Coffee cherries are selectively handpicked, de-pulped, naturally fermented, washed and sun dried. Coffee is cured to 10.5-11.5% water content, and then milled, screened, and graded by density prior to export.

Head of Roasting Tasting Notes: Cream, Sugar, Rose, Milk Chocolate

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